This entity (Ind-US Target LLC) is our US presence and works towards simplifying our clients recruitment needs in the US. With its inception in 2007, the company started servicing our already existing Indian Clientele in the US geography. The focus was permanent IT placements and we became pioneers over the years. Recently we moved into the contracting model and have gained traction over the last year. We were also able to work directly with a few US headquartered clients. The entity is growing and looks to grow many fold in the years to come.

Our current focus areas are:

Tech Hiring – Covering most of the skill sets and focusing on Mid-Senior level positions
BFSI – Accountants, Auditors, FPNA, FinanceControllers, Finance Directors etc
Bio-tech : Pharmaceuticals : Medical Devices: industries – Quality Assurance, Regulatory and Compliance, Validation and Test

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